Kentucky Rumbler

Kentucky Rumbler

Voted the 5th best new ride in 2006 by Amusement Today, the Kentucky Rumbler broke records and set others when it opened.

Read below to see stats, construction information, and on-ride videos.

Manufacturer Great Coasters International, Inc.
Investment $4.6 million
Model Wooden Twister Coaster
Capacity 480 guests per hour
Features Record setting 3 station fly-bys, record setting 30 crossovers, and 12 airtime moments
Train One 24 passenger Millennium Flyer train
Max Height 96 feet
First Drop 80.2 foot aeroplane style first drop
Speed Reaching 50 mph
Ride Time Approximately 90 seconds
Track Length 2,827 feet
Awards #5 Best New Ride of 2006 (Amusement Today Golden Ticket Awards), Ranked in the Top 25 wooden roller coasters in the WORLD
Fun Facts Constructed with 80,000 bolts and 1.5 million nails